We are experts in developing cars using 7-post testing. In fact, we developed 7-post testing for Chevy Racing.




In today’s racing world, it is not enough to develop cars on the race track. With all the testing restrictions, you need to develop your car off the track as well. We have been 7-post testing since 1997, and spend over 75 days per year 7-post testing with teams.

But we go further than just being 7-post test engineers.  We have developed our own unique analysis routines and suite of 7-post tools for everything from drive file development to results reporting.

Our experience and tools enables you to get the most out of your 7-post tests. Work with your team begins long before you arrive at the rig. We develop a complete 7-post testing program for your team. This includes acquiring the proper data from the racetrack to create a drive file, test planning including Design of Experiments, proper execution of the test, data analysis, and finally a report that can be used at the racetrack to make your race car go FAST!

We have:

  • Developed 7-post testing for Chevy Racing
  • Have done over 1,000 7-Post tests
  • Tested race and road cars
  • Chevy Racing 7-post Technical Expert since 1997
  • Kaz Technologies continues to work with Chevy teams
  • Developing new test methods & analysis

Check out a video of Chevy 7 Post Testing!