Kaz Technologies has over 30 years of damper expertise.  We have been doing damper design, development and testing since 1978.  We have developed dampers for the top levels of motorsports champions.



1) Shock Dyno Testing

To see if your shocks are still as good as they were when new, we recommend having them performance tested least once a year; it is critical to your suspension setup.

Performance test dyno data is provided for each shock for you to review.

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*Our dyno uses clevis mounts to test shocks with mono ball ends. Please call or write about other fixtures*

   Price: $100.00 (per shock)

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2) Dyno Test Shocks with Track Data

Knowing what forces and velocities your shocks are generating when your race car is on the track can be vital to their performance. We will convert your car’s track data into a shock dynamometer test so we can analyze exactly what the shock generates on the track. With this data you will be able to analyze response time, lag and hysteresis. A summary report on the results will be included with the dyno data.

Note: We test the shocks as received. You supply shock displacement data recorded from the track. The data acquisition rate must be at least 100 Hz. We recommend a data acquisition rate of 250 Hz for best results.

Our dyno uses clevis mounts to test shocks with mono ball ends. Please call or write about other fixtures.

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   Price: $200.00 (per shock)

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3) Custom Dyno Testing

Kaz Technologies has the ability and experience to develop a test specific to your shock and application! We can use vehicle data or create a custom wave form to test your shocks. We can also instrument your shocks with pressure transducers for additional data. Here are some of the custom tests we offer.

*Shock pressure balancing

*Multi-frequency testing

*Custom waveform development and testing

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   Price: Call for pricing & options

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