Kaz Technologies is the Engineering behind the champions. We bring you speed-using technology.


You want to go fast? We can help you do that. Unlike other race engineering groups, we make cars go fast using technology, both on and off the race track. This approach has won us races (most recently, Daytona Prototype in 2007 & 8) and championships (4 Pro FWD Drag championships in 2003 &4) as race engineers. And many race teams in NASCAR, Indy car, Grand-Am, ALMS, NHRA, AMA Superbike and Pro FWD have used our technology to win both races and championships. Take a look below at our approach to engineering race cars on and off the race track.

Race Engineering

Making race cars go fast is like solving a Rubic’s Cube. It’s not easy, it’s not straightforward. So we use technology and years of experience to simplify the task and make your car go fast.

Of course we use all the standard race engineering tools.

  • Set-up sheets for each outing
  • Run logs
  • Driver evaluation sheets for each session
  • Race fuel strategy calculator
  • Race and test summaries

But we supplement those with our technology to give you the competitive edge. We use on-track telemetry data to calculate performance metrics while the car is on the track. Our program calculates such things as mechanical grip, aero downforce, braking distance and many other factors. Once the session is over we use in-depth data analysis, coupled with driver comments, to develop winning race cars.

Structural Analysis

Making race cars go fast doesn’t start at the racetrack. You have to have a solid foundation to work with. That’s why we start with structural analysis. From the chassis to components, we use ANSYS Finite Element Analysis to give you strong but lightweight and durable parts.

Below is an example of one of our FEA models of a NASCAR chassis.



Shock Design, Development and Testing

One of the least appreciated components on a race car is the shock. NOT IN OUR HOUSE! Our engineers have worked with every major brand of racing shocks in the world. We have designed and developed shocks for almost every type of race car; NASCAR, Indy car ALMS, Daytona Prototype, Pro Stock, World of Outlaw. You name it, we’ve worked on it.

This means we bring a wealth of experience to your team. We will provide your team THE BEST shock services ever!  These include:

  • Shock design and application
  • Valving development
  • Testing
  • On-track tuning
  • Rebuilds

But we take our shock services one step further. Like 7-post testing, we have developed our own suite of shock testing and data analysis tools. We don’t just dyno test your shocks, we test them with track inputs and other complex wave forms to analyze and understand how they REALLY perform.