Kaz Technologies is your go-to for testing services. Our proven process will help you with whatever you need.

-We understand what you want to accomplish.

-Create the test plan.

-Develop the COMPLETE solution: test methods, analysis, metrics and results presentation.

-Work with you to apply the results.

-Repeat the process to increase fidelity of understanding.




Equipment and Facilities


  • State of the Art MTS Equipment
  • Custom Analysis Package & Testing procedures
    • Written & developed by Kaz Tech
    • Continuing development since 1997


  • Custom designed & developed by Kaz Tech
  • Aerotech Linear Motors with Ni Data Acquisition
  • Capabilities
    • Velocity capability of 100ips up to 250hz
    • 6000 lb load capacity (Linear Motors w/ Pneumatic assist).
    • 24bit Data Acquisition with synchronous logging up to 50,000Hz


Component Specific Testing Equipment

  • Damper, Elastomer & Spring R&D
  • Machine Design & Fabrication Shop in house.
  • Materials Fatigue Testing

DSC_0052 DSC_0107



 Custom Applications – Equipment, Analysis & Methods

Linear Dyno

  • Damper Development & Evaluation
  • Elastomer R&D
  • Durability

Load Rating Machines w/ Analysis


  • Non-Linear Subsystem Modelling
  • Durability
  • Controlled (lab) environment evaluation

Timing & Scoring Analysis for IMSA & Pirelli World Challenge

Vehicle Simulation and Ride Modelling