Brake Rotors

Can You Stop?

Addressing a need in Formula SAE and the small formula car market, Kaz Technologies has introduced cast iron brake rotors.  These rotors have been blanchard ground to our specifications and can be easily machined to fit your application and design.  Purchasing ground blanks allow you to be creative with weight reducing and cooling channels.

Have you ever not passed brake tech, or were unable to lock your wheels?

Because of its availability, many FSAE teams have tried conventional steel for brake rotors.  What they have found is unacceptable braking characteristics.   This is because most racing brake pads are designed to work with cast iron brake rotors.  Kaz Technologies uses Dura-Bar G2 cast iron, a material commonly used for motorcycle, OEM, and racing brake rotors. With the Kaz Technologies cast iron rotors, your choice of brake pad will now work properly and stop the car!

No more fear of failing brake tech! No more driver complaints of having no brakes!

FSAE Brake Rotor Blank


Blank Rotor $105.00

This is a brake rotor blank that has been cast from Dura-Bar G2 Cast Iron, rough cut to the outer diameter, and then blanchard ground to the final thickness.  This blank is ready to be machined into a finished part.



  • Blanchard Ground to final thickness
  • 4.75mm (0.187″) thick
  • Machined to 10 inch (254mm) outer diameter
  • Thickness = ±0.127mm (±0.005″)
  • Flatness = ±0.127mm (±0.005″)


Material Specification:

Kaz Technologies brake rotors are cast from Dura-Bar G2 Cast Iron. This is an engineered, gray cast iron for specific property enhancements. It is a pearlitic gray iron with flake graphite.

  • Dura-Bar G2
  • Conforms to ASTM A48 Class 40, (SAE J431 G12, was G4000).
  • Tensile strength ˜ 40 KSI [272 MPa].
  • Brinell Hardness = 183-301.
  • Thermal Conductivity ˜ 370 BTU-in/hr-ft^2-DegF [53.3 W/m-K]


Price- $105.00

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