Call Us For A Smooth Ride 

We are race engineering specialists. So how does that benefit you road vehicle? Our racing winning experience and technology gives us unique tools and expertise to solve your road vehicle ride and handling issues. And incidentally, we also have a bit of road vehicle experience. Kaz Technologies has consulted for several prominent shock manufacturers tuning their shocks for both high performance and passenger vehicles. Jim Kasprzak, our Technical Director, also has two patents for passenger vehicle shocks.

But that’s not the only experience we have. Prior to starting Kaz Technologies, Jim Kasprzak, President and Technical Director, spent 20 years in the automotive industry. He was both a Chief Engineer at Monroe Auto Equipment, and Director of Engineering at Arvin Ride Control. Jim has developed and tuned standard and electronically controlled suspensions on every type of vehicle from military vehicles like the HMMV and Bradley tank to performance sports car and luxury cars.

  • Vehicle ride and handling
  • NVH identification and reduction
  • Shock absorber design, testing and development
  • Vehicle suspension analysis and tuning
We have all the tools and experience to give you a great ride.