Our team brings EXPERIENCE to your team. We bring you extensive vehicle development and ride & handling experience. We have experience in standard suspension and advanced technologies, as well as NVH, tire testing, vehicle stability systems and race chassis development. You need shock experience? Our engineers have been developing shocks for over 30 years. Our damper experience includes design, development, testing and manufacturing. We have worked on shocks from every major OE and racing manufacturer in the world. Oh yes, we also have TWO SHOCK DESIGN PATENTS. Race experience? We have over 75 combined years of racing winning experience to bring to your team. Our engineers have been part of winning teams in NASCAR, sports cars and drag racing. In fact, we were the race engineers for the first 200 mph front-wheel-drive dragster. You can trust that Kaz Technologies is in your corner with, perhaps, the most extensive experience in vehicle suspension development in the world, especially in ride and handling.

Kaz Technologies is one of the leading experts in shock absorbers and 7-post testing. In fact, we serve as the shock and technical experts for GM Racing and have supported race teams in series around the world — Formula 1, INDY, NASCAR, Sports cars (LMP and Daytona Prototypes), FWD and Pro Stock drag racing. We began developing 7-post technology for GM Racing in 1997 and continue to develop 7-post and shock testing technology for both GM Racing and their key partner teams. This technology includes testing methods, analysis tools and analysis methods. We also develop tools for race engineering. These include on-track data analysis and race strategy tools. Our expertise in developing tools for testing has made Kaz Technologies one of the most respected engineering companies in the racing industry. So, we took all of the experience, and fused it together to give you the best information, the best products, and the best service available. All this expertise offers you an awesome team of engineers dedicated to your project. How can we serve you?

EVERY member of our team has sat in the driver’s seat, on the pit box, in the drawing room and in the test lab. In fact, many of us hold awards for both driving and engineering. Our ONLY goal: to provide the racing and vehicle development industries with the best technology, products and service. All we want to do is help you go REALLY, REALLY FAST! Actually, all we want to do is to help you WIN! You want SPEED? We do too. Let us help.