Performance engineering. Driven by data, inspired by innovation.

Thomas Edison sums up our philosophy best. “There’s a better way to do things. Find it.”

At Kaz we look at what others may not even see as a problem, and ask, “What is the better way to do this?”

It works like this. Someone brings us a performance engineering problem. We then look at it not from the way they described it, but from the answer they actually want. For instance, they may say a hinge is broken. But what they really want is for the door to open better. We work backward from that to give them information that can make that happen.


Your Kaz team will be made of engineers who love to solve problems no one else can. Who come up with ways nobody else has, to get the answers you need. If a test machine doesn’t exist that tells us what we need to know, we’ll build our own custom test-machine from scratch.  And start test development from ground-zero. We won’t stop until we get the info needed to make your product perform better.

Working with passionate, creative problem solvers is something our clients appreciate. We think you will, too.


We don’t do anything based on “feel.” Everything from development to design to decision making is driven by data. Through comprehensive testing,  Kaz engineers collect objective engineering data, then make decisions based solely on that data. At the completion of testing, we can provide the data for you to use as you want. Or we can continue further into analysis and problem solving.