Race engineering that powers winners

The mission at Kaz is to improve the way things move. That can be vehicles, washing machines, and anything in-between. But before we transitioned into other markets, we proved ourselves with our race engineering expertise on the racetrack.

We have over 75 combined years of racing winning experience. Our engineers have been part of winning teams in NASCAR, sports cars and drag racing. In fact, we were the race engineers for the first 200 mph front-wheel-drive dragster.

You can trust that Kaz Technologies is in your corner with, perhaps, the most extensive experience in vehicle suspension development in the world, especially in ride and handling.

We have experience in standard suspension and advanced technologies, as well as NVH, tire testing, vehicle stability systems and race chassis development.

You need shock experience? Our engineers have been developing shocks for over 30 years. Our damper experience includes design, development, testing and manufacturing. We have worked on shocks from every major OE and racing manufacturer in the world. We also have two shock design patents.

Kaz Technologies began developing 7-post technology for GM Racing in 1997 and continue to develop 7-post and shock testing technology for both GM Racing and their key partner teams.