Testing and test development for any kind of dynamic system.

Kaz Technologies is a data-driven company. In fact, to get the objective data we need to provide meaningful solutions, we’re obsessed with dyno testing development and data acquisition.

That’s one reason we have every kind of testing machine imaginable. We have hydraulics machines, electro-magnetic machines, ball-screw actuator machines, and electric motor machines.

Whatever the driving mechanism is, we have the ability to adapt it across the board to achieve the tests we need from the standpoint of accuracy, max load, acceleration capabilities, frequency, and durability.   If you have any questions please contact us today through our Testing and Analysis webform!

Real World Solutions

We pride ourselves at being expert middlemen between the simulation world and the real world. Our procedures and systems allow us to make any dynamic system respond in a controlled test environment in the same way as it would in the real world. Importantly, our test procedures are universally useable in any industry.

There's no such thing as a standard problem

Every problem and challenge brought to us is unique. So our test machines are, too. We’ve built many of our test machines from the ground up. Others are advancements and upgrades over what is commercially available.
In both cases, customization means we aren’t limited by the capabilities of standard machines. We design our machines to provide precise answers to your specific questions, not simply standard answers to generic questions. Big Difference.

7 Post Test
7-Post Test

This test rig shakes the car and provides aerodynamic loads simulating what happens as the care drives on the track. It is used to characterize and tune chassis, suspension, and aerodynamic platform behaviors.


This CCTM is being used to test multiple solar panel dampers at once. This was done as a quality control, performance, and durability study and included a climate chamber.

Clear Shock High Speed
Clear Shock High-Speed Test

A special clear shock was used with a high-speed camera to film the internal operation of a shock. The filming focused on the behavior of shock valving for modeling shock shim deflection and sock behavino ir also show the phenomenon of fluid cavitation that can occur inside of a shock.

Spring Rating Test

Kaz used a 4k EMA machine to test logging displacement, velocity, and force data to produce force vs displacement curves for determining this particular spring’s rate linearity.

EMA Shock Test
EMA Shock Test

This is standard testing using a 4k EMA machine. Here we actuate a shock with a custom-drive profile and log displacement, velocity, acceleration, force and temperature.

KRig Suspension Testing

This is the kinematics rig that an independent suspension can be bolted to, then loaded. This machine can create vertical and lateral loads at the tire or hub and measure resulting displacements, deflections, spring loads, suspension member loads, etc.