When was the last time your FSAE shocks were serviced or tested? Are they over due? Kaz Technologies can help!

Professional race teams service, test and tune their shocks regularly because they understand the shock’s role in overall vehicle performance.  FSAE shocks do not get the abuse the other shocks get, but it is still very important to have your shocks checked and tested at the beginning of each season and have a complete rebuild when they reach 35 hours of operation.  Race shocks, like race engines require maintenance. Your engine is vital to your car’s performance and must have a complete service from time to time.  Your shocks are no different and are very important to your car’s overall performance.  Have them checked and tested yearly.

Kaz Technologies can do performance testing on all brands of FSAE shocks so you have the confidence in your shocks when tuning your suspension.  

Make sure your FSAE shocks are performing properly with the many Kaz Tech Shock Services.

Lead time for Shock Rebuilds is 4 weeks minimum.


1) Shock Dyno Testing

To see if your shocks are still as good as they were when new, we recommend having them performance tested least once a year; it is critical to your suspension setup.

Performance test dyno data is provided for each shock for you to review.

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*Our dyno uses clevis mounts to test shocks with mono ball ends. Please call or write about other fixtures*

   Price: $100.00 (per shock)  Add To Cart

2) FSAE Shock Rebuild – Keeping your shocks like new!

Penske & Ohlins Shocks

Price: $300 per shock  (Ohlins TTX25)     Add To Cart

Our Ohlins TTX25 shock rebuild service has returned.  Along with our normal rebuild procedures, the TTX25 rebuild service now includes new current version compression and rebound adjuster assemblies.

Please note: There will be a $25 charge (per shock) for any shocks sent in without removing the spring and spring hardware

Price: $150 per shock  (Penske Quarter Midget) 

Please note: There will be a $25 charge (per shock) for any shocks sent in without removing the spring and spring hardware

E-mail requests to fsae@kaztechnologies.com

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3) Custom Testing Option

Penske Shocks & Ohlins TTX25 Shocks

If you’re looking for detailed data on your shocks, we’re here to help.  Tailored shock dyno testing is available upon request.  We can provide basic and advanced testing to help you understand adjuster settings, generate detailed shock response, perform quality control checks, and force match shocks.  Contact us with your test plan for a quote.

E-mail requests to fsae@kaztechnologies.com

Price: Please send us a request for pricing