Öhlins TTX25 MkII

Here you will find all the extra information you need to understand and service your Öhlins TTX25 shocks.  Remember, you can always find TTX25 shock curves, parts drawings, external dimensions, 3D models, and the official workshop manual in one of the downloads below.  The workshop manual and parts drawings are vital resources and we always recommend using them in conjunction with any suggested service methods detailed here.

Service Tech     Complete Rebuild     Revalve     Gas Charge

Technical Information

File Size
Workshop Manual
5.4 MB
Parts Drawing 1
2.2 MB
Parts Drawing 2
2.4 MB
CAD Models
9.1 MB
External Dimensions (50mm Version)
53.6 KB
Internal Schematic
910.4 KB
Example Of Features
7.4 MB
Dyno Plots-TTX25 MkII English (2015-present)
754.6 KB
Dyno Plots-TTX25 MkII MEtric (2015-present)
758.8 KB