Meaningful analysis from objective, fact-based data

Our method of data acquisition and the way we apply data with our analysis tools, keeps Kaz Technologies at the forefront of development. That is combined with an intense focus on evaluating the data objectively. We double-down on making sure we make decisions based on data and facts. Period.

Too often, people have a specific idea of what they want to achieve when they initiate a test. They want to verify what they thought to begin with, as opposed to learning what is truly going on. That clouds judgement. Our tests and analysis begin with an open mind and a clean sheet of paper. If you have any questions please contact us today through our Testing and Analysis webform!


It’s fairly easy to buy a data acquisition system and put it on whatever is being tested to gather data. While that provides data for analysis, it’s really garbage in — garbage out.

If the data acquisition system isn’t calibrated correctly, or if the same frequency isn’t high enough, vital content could be missing.
At Kaz Technologies, we’ve done in-depth analysis on how quicky we’re sampling data, what calibrations are required, and what kinds of sensors and mounting are used.

Because of our research into all aspects of data collection, we’ve built a knowledge base that enables us to be confident that the data we are analyzing is extremely accurate. That means you can be just as confident in our data-driven analysis and solutions.