Helping power the energy of tomorrow

ArrayTech makes the solar panels for huge solar farms. When the wind gets too strong, the solar panel array lays down. Shock absorbers control the rate. Using our data-driven approach to product improvement, Kaz Technologies saved ArrayTech $250,000 per year.

When the time came to replace the shock absorbers, they asked that we durability test some from potential new vendors. Their question was whether the new dampers would be as good as the current ones.

What they really wanted to know is if the new shocks would last longer than the current ones.

We consulted with them on what the specs should be, and if the new shocks matched the specs. We tested basic performance, and designed a 12-station environmental chamber to test 6 new and 6 old at the same time, under the same conditions. Because units work in the desert, we blew dust into the chamber while the durability test was underway.

The tests we developed simulated 30 years of life on their components.  Our tests, analysis and specification consulting resulted in Solar Ray saving more than $100,000 in damper replacement costs.