Steering Rack


                                         steering rack


***Please note: Lead time for Steering Racks is 1-2 weeks***


  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Materials:
    • Rack and pinion gears are machined out of steel.
    • Center housing, pinion gear caps, rack extensions and outer tubes are machined from aluminum keeping the total weight at 3lbs.
  • Total Rack Travel from stop to stop with 1/8 inch (3.175mm) thick stops on each extension is 3.25 inches (82.55mm) max.  (Note: rack travel beyond this point will cause the pinion gear to impact the end of the rack gears causing damage).  Total Rack Travel can be reduced by machining thicker stops for your application and steering requirements.
  • Pinion rotation to travel 3.25 inch (82.55mm) is 248 deg.
  • Steering Rack Ratio: 4.71″ per revolution.
  • Front and rear low friction bushings on pinion gear shafts provide the support to eliminate lash.
  • Same low friction bushings guide the rack through to provide smooth operation while eliminating lash.
  • Pinion shaft and rack seals to keep the dirt and moisture out.
  • Adjustable aluminum trunnion blocks along the rack tubes provide multiple mounting options and rack rigidity.
  • 1/4-28 internal threaded rack extensions allow for a clevis or rod end of your choice.
  • Adjustable rack preload and lash.
  • Rack comes with clevises, 1/4″ top hats, and hardware.
  • Optional integrated steering sensor.
Click here for Drawings and CAD Downloads

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Additional Add-Ons 



steering sensor

Steering Angle Sensor

Special features:

  • Long life
  • The bearings are protected by a special high-grade temperature resistant plastic material
  • Electrical conductors are sealed into the housing; keeping dirt and moisture out.
  • An elastomer-damped precious metal multi-finger wiper ensures reliable contact even under the severest of working conditions.
  • Converts rotary movement into proportional voltage

potentiometer hookup

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Electrical Connection Diagram for Potentiometer Hookup






0.625″-36 Spline (Steering Rack) x 0.750”-20 Spline (Splined Insert) (325g)
U-Joint can be removed from Steering System
(Pictured Splined Insert not included with U-Joint)

U-Joint Operating Angle:
The ears of the U-Joint are contoured to prevent it from jamming, but it will not operate beyond a 32 degree angle. All universal joints transmit rotary motion at a constant velocity when straight, but when rotating through an angle it will develop a twice-per-revolution cycle of accelerating and decelerating and this effect increases as the angle increases. To avoid this variable velocity effect, the steering total angular misalignment between steering column and pinion shaft should not exceed 20 degrees. Smoothness of operation can be improved by subdividing the angle between two U-joints.

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U-Joint Splined Inserts

0.750”-20 spline x 0.510″ OD for 0.750” tube with 0.120” wall (bottom)
0.750”-20 spline x 0.620″ OD for 0.750” tube with 0.065” wall (top)

Weld these splined inserts to steering shaft so U-Joint can be removed from steering system

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Aluminum Clevis w/ Fasteners

3/4” x 1/2” opening
With 1/4” x 28 Grade 8 Bolts

Note:  These clevises are included with a steering rack purchase.

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Clevis Rod End Top Hats

1/4” ID (Standard for Steering Rack)
With Grade 8 Bolts & Nuts

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Clevis Rod End Top Hats

10-32 ID (Available, not standard)
With Grade 8 Bolts & Nuts

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Heavy Duty Inline Booted Ball Joint

1/4” x 28 Female Shank w/Stud

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Heavy Duty Inline Booted Ball Joint

1/4” x 28 Male Shank w/Stud

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Precision Ball Joint Rod End

1/4” x 28 x 1″ Male Shank
1/4” ID ball


See Aurora Bearings for more Rod-End Options. Aurora offers FSAE student discounts. Aurora Bearings